Refashion: A new lingerie set

There is something about heatwaves and lingerie sewing that seem to go together.  Anyway, before I start having a sook about the temperatures and lack of sleep lets have a look at where this project started.

The original top

ling_cobalt_0Two or three years ago, I made this top; I think it was a Simplicity pattern.  I had seen a sample made up at my “local” indie fabric shop and liked the look of it.  So I made my own.  The top turned out fine, but the neckline didn’t really suit me and neither did the cool-tone colours in the fabric.  I’ve never worn it but I  still hung onto it as I liked the print.

So,  while looking in my little box of lingerie fabrics, I came across a blue lace I got in a grab bag from eLingeria.  It matched the blue in the print.  Not long after the scissors were out, the top’s seams were cut apart and I’d traced out of few new patterns to try.


The bra is Merckwaerdigh BHS10 view, style E.   I’ve tried all the other styles from this pattern, especially the lacy underwire version, but hadn’t tried a padded bra before.   I used the lace for the band and cut the cups from a sleeve from my old top.  The padding, lining and elastics are all black.

The bra cups are fairly easy to put together.  The padded sections are zig-zagged together then the inside seam is covered with a double folded strip lining.  I used a narrow ribbon instead.  The covering is sewn on the inside of the cup, 2mm from the edge, and flipped over to the right side.  I think it gives a really neat finish and doesn’t need fold over elastic to bind the edge.

The bridge has a nice V shape, but I’ve always seem to have problems getting the V edge to even after I’ve sewn in the cups.  I baste them in but I’m curious if anyone has any tips on getting a good finish.



Inside showing ribbon




The first pair is the new Pocket Boxer from Merckwaerdigh.  This pattern was free for a short time to launch the downloadable patterns.  It has an optional pocket which I think would be a great idea for adding onto a tankini bottom.  The instructions are more detailed, with diagrams and photos, than the pattern patterns I’ve used.  With each pattern piece, there is a small diagram that shows were the piece fits into the design.  I think this feature will be really handy on some of the more intricate designs.  The last page is filled with different ideas for different version of the patterns eg contrast fabrics or bindings, laces, colour blocking.

I made a test version as PJ bottoms with the pockets.   The central panels were cut from the shoulder of the top and I used a mid-grey bamboo knit for the outer panels and pockets.  There is no guide for the elastic length, and I cut the leg elastics a little short on this pair.  They are still good to wear.  I made a Style Arc top last week that swam on me ( the joys of single size patterns with finished measurements only given for a size 10!) from the bamboo knit, that I’ll just wear as a PJ top.

For this version, I cut the central panels using the print, used a black fabric on the outer panels and added a trim of the blue lace to the edges of the front panel.

The second pair is SV32 view D.  I think the design of these is really cool.  I love the gathers on the side with the lace trim!



The set

So, from the sleeve and shoulder of the top, I now have a fun lingerie set.   My StyleArc flop also has new life as PJs.  Three new patterns trialed and added to my favourites list.

And, the weather report says it is cooling down tomorrow – just 39C Winking smile


At a Glance:

Patterns Merckwaerdigh
Bra – BHS10 view E
Boxers – Pocket Boxer
Hipster – SV32 view D
Type lingerie
Fabric polyester knit, nylon lace, padding, elastics
Difficulty 2-3/5 – undies a quick to sew; the bra is more time consuming
End Result 4/5 – A great way to recycle I top that I’ve never worn.  All 3 patterns are winners that I will make again ( and again)
Cost ?  All bits and pieces were already in the stash

3 thoughts on “Refashion: A new lingerie set

    • Hi Sharon. I had to go and check with a slinky top, but no, the seams and edges don’t show through. The foam on the cup seam is butted together so there is no bulk added there.


      • Thank you so much, I appreciate the extra effort you went and so sorry to hear about your sad news. It leaves such a hole in your life (happened to us in 2009).


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