Palm Print Lingerie Set – Mix5L version 2

My second version of the Mix5L bra is finished and I’m really happy with the look and fit of this one.  The main change was to reduce the width of the bridge by 2cm at the base and tapering to 1cm wide at the top.  I also used a stable woven lining which prevented the cups stretching out as they did in my trial version.

Below shows the initial sketch that I did to work out the colours.  When I dyed the elastics/rings/mesh etc, I threw in a scrap of lace to see how well it took the colour.  It looked good with the print and decided to use it on the bra.  You can see the lace with the different colour backgrounds.  I was tempted to use the yellow but I went with the navy as I think it picks up the colours variations of the blue leaves in the print.  So having added in the lace, I decided to use the textured bra strapping for the straps, rather than the padded straps.  I didn’t calculate the exact cost of this set but based on the previous set, it would have been about $15.

On the inside, I used a lightweight silk/cotton satin. I cut two lining pieces for the bridge. One is sewn with the facing fabric as per the instructions. The other was hand stitched in to cover the seams allowances.  I still need to add the strapping at the front.  I thought the bra strapping on the fruity set looked a little chunky so I’m hoping to pick up some thinner stuff next time I’m in town.  The fit on this version is pretty spot on and the bridge is almost sitting against the chest without the straps.  I guess there is a lot to be said for using the right lining!

Inside. Notice the seams on the bridge are enclosed

Inside. Notice the seams on the bridge are enclosed

Palm print Bra (MIX5L)

Palm print Bra (MIX5L)

Lace detail

Lace detail.  The imperfect dyeing on the straps was deliberate and I think it worked well with the overall design.


The print fabric is actually left overs from a top I made earlier in the year.  I really liked the print so I kept the scraps to make into a bra set.  It is a bit too thin & stretchy but worked OK on the bra with the woven lining.  For the bottoms, I was initially going to only use the print on the front, but then decided to use the navy knit as a lining and make them reversible.

Fabric was from the left-overs of this top

Fabric was from the left-overs of this top

The pattern is Merckwaerdigh SV32 (view D), which I’ve made before.  On the blue side, I used a bit of the print for the inset.  On the print side, I used the yellow powermesh for the inset.  I like the way the print shows through slightly. Luckily I could get a nice placement of the palm stem & fronds to work in with the seam design.

The seams were sewn so the seam allowances ended up all being enclosed.  Once the seams were sewn, I trimmed the seam allowance off the leg openings at the crotch, and then used the fold over elastic to bind the legs and waist.




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