Vogue 9128 and a strapless bra

This is my second version of Vogue 9128.   The first version I made was using a dark chocolate printed mesh with a little bit of bling (clearance fabric at $2/m).  It was just supposed to be a tester for the pattern but it turned out really well.  The peplum has just enough flare to gently flute at the hips, but with out being overwhelming.   So good that I wore it to see Swan Lake being performed.

Pattern and fabric

Pattern and fabric

This version is using the fabric that I had ear-marked for it – a fairly open floral mesh.  The construction is very quick – just under an hour form start to finish.  The centre from piece is part of the peplum, so it is first sewn to the other front and back peplum pieces.  The side front & upper back are sewn together, like a bolero.  Then peplum and ‘bolero’ are sewn together – starting at one neck edge, down and around the waist, before sewing up to the other side of the neckline.

For the edge finishes, I’ve done a rolled edge hem and omitted the neckband.  It was hard to find the right colour, so I blended a light pink with a bronze colour to get a fairly good match.  The bit of sheen in the embroidery threads was a bonus, as the mesh also has a bit of a sheen.

rolled edge using blended colours

rolled edge using blended colours

The strapless bra was a bit of an after-thought.  I wanted to trial a strapless bra pattern but didn’t want to risk a good lace if it didn’t work out.  Luckily I’d saved the off-cuts from the top, so it made good sense to use them for the strapless bra, and hopefully, give me something I could wear under the mesh.

Merckwaerdigh STRAP4

Merckwaerdigh STRAP4

The bra pattern is Merckwaerdigh STRAP4.  The paper version also has a strapless swimsuit I’d like to make – which was the reason I wanted to test the bra fit.  The result is not the best, but wearable and more to the point – it stays up!   I made two mistakes – the first was that I didn’t use firm padding – and didn’t stabilise the top edge.  The nude padding that I used has a bit of give and stretched out.  I corrected it a bit by handstitching  a line of backstitches on the inside edge, gently pulling up the padding to get it back to the right length.

The second problem is the underwires.  I ordered two sizes of strapless underwires – one was two narrow, the other too wide.  I used the lesser the two evils – the narrow one, but will need to find a better shaped underwire before I can retry the pattern.

So while the bra isn’t perfect, its wearable and a lot more comfortable that I was expecting.  Best of all it gives enough camouflage to wear under that lace top without having to use a cami.  You’ll have to believe me that with skin-tone under the lace, rather than the red dressform, it is hard to pick. ( I’m still on crutches, so you’ll have to make do with dressform photos for a while).

Pattern Review

Pattern Vogue V9128
Type Pullover knit top (close-fitting through bust) has neck binding, front seam detail, peplum with shaped hemline, wrong side shows, stitched hem on sleeves, and narrow hem. A: Short sleeves. B, C: Long sleeves. B: Contrast panels.
My Rating ☆☆☆ Not worth it
★☆☆ So-so
★★☆ Good
★★★ Excellent
Fabric Floral mesh (nylon/polyester)
Difficulty Fairly easy.  The curved seam-line below the bust is probably the most difficult part, but it goes together well
Cost $5 for the top – Fabric $2, thread $3

4 thoughts on “Vogue 9128 and a strapless bra

  1. Oh no! I didn’t realize you had hurt your ankle. I broke my left ankle last year and it is an experience I would prefer to never repeat. Good luck with healing fast!

    The peplum top is darling and the strapless bra looks great!


      • It’s much better now. Healing the bone turned out to be the easy part. Like your dislocation, there are lots of injured tendons and ligaments that don’t like walking on uneven ground or certain shoes or what have you. Time and exercises have made a big difference, thank you, and I hope the same for you.


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