Red and black set : Merckwaerdigh BHST2

This is a bit of a catch-up post as I actually finished this before Valentines day.  But you know how it is.  You have good intentions of posting quickly but life has other plans.  The pattern that I’m trialling this time is Merckwaerdigh BHST2 view B.  I’ve had the pattern for ages, originally bought through eLingeria (remember them?) not long before they announced they were closing.  Anyway the pattern I received was in German so I’ve put off making it up for ages.

The pattern goes together fairly easily and although I didn’t try translating the instructions, I did figure out that it has boning in the side seam.  I like the seaming on the cups.  The back is lower cut and more open than other bras that I’ve made.  Just perfect for wearing under an open back top.  The drawback is that the straps are quite wide.  I have narrow shoulders and the straps are right on the edge of by shoulders.  I’ve used silicon backed strapping and it helps keep the straps from slipping down.

This really is a gorgeous bra – the photos don’t really do it justice.  The elastics, channelling and clip were dyed to pick up the red colour in the lace.

I’ve also been working through the design your own pantie mini course.h The first part of the booklet has you adjust the pattern to get a well fitting master pattern.  I must admit that I’ve never really taken the time to get a perfect fit, so it has been a good exercise.  The second part takes you through some design changes with exercises to get you creating your own styles.  The pantie in the photo below is one of my attempts at changing the waist & leg lines, side seam location and adding a couple of insets.  I was trying to mimic the style lines on the bra.  The front isn’t that great, but I do like the inset on the back – and how it echoes the V shape of the lace of the bra.  Anyhow, it’s kind of fun to play with the design

Pattern Review

Image From Merckweardigh Etsy listing

Image from Merckwaerdigh Etsy site

Pattern Merckwaerdigh BHST2 – open back bra (view B)
Type open back bra.  Pattern also includes bustier and cup seam variations.
My Rating ☆☆☆ Not worth it
★☆☆ So-so
★★☆ Good
★★★ Excellent
Fabric Duoplex and stretch lace;  Hand-dyed elastic channelling and clip; silicon backed bra strap
Difficulty 5/5 Pattern goes together well, but like most bras, is very time consuming to sew. I love this design, especially the open back
Cost approx $8 – (pro-rata) fabric $2, lace $1, elastics $3, other hardware and thread $2

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