‘White shirt’ bras – and stargazing treefrogs

If you haven’t already figured it out, I love using really bright or unusual prints.  Making nude coloured bras doesn’t interest me in the slightest as I find them incredibly bland and boring.  But, I also like wearing gauzy white linen shirts in the summer and not having my bra show through.  So I’ve come kicking and screaming to the conclusion that I need to make a couple of nude-coloured bras and the challenge is to make a plain bra a bit more interesting.

Exhibit A – The toffee

I wanted to use a full cup bra pattern, but without the look of one, so I chose the Toffee Fabric band from Booby Traps.   The idea was to have the plain fabric for the lower cup and lace and mesh in the upper cup, .   It is a rigid lace, but there is a bit more stretch in the mesh part of the fabric.  There was just enough stretch on the bias to make it workable for the band.

For the pattern, I’ve used the Master Bra pattern that I made from Merckwaerdigh’s Bra Mini Course.  The third section of the course describes how to make some modifications to the design of the pattern to get different looks.  So for this bra, I’ve added a curve to the lower part of the bridge and curved the front neckline.  The change to the bridge was a bit extreme.  It might work better if I had lowered the bridge as well.

Colour matching the trims to the fabric was a nightmare.  The skin tone elastic and straps that I had were either too pink or too yellow to look any good with it.  Dyeing my own was an effort in futility, as you can see below.  I couldn’t find the right mix of dyes to get the shade I was after for the elastic, but I got close with the strapping and closure.  In the end, I made the channelling from self fabric, used clear elastic for the upper edges and a off-shade nude, with no picot edge for the band elastic.

failed dye matching attempts

I really didn’t enjoy making this and it would have to be the most boring bra I’ve ever made, but it fits perfectly and passed the gauze white linen shirt test with ease.  So I guess it will earn its keep.

front view

Side view

‘the toffee’


Exhibit B – Apricot

Another fabric that was a pain to try to colour match, not quite ivory but not quite apricot.  But I did have an elastic that was close enough.  The channelling and straps are made from self fabric.

Merckwaerdigh BHST2 view A


The pattern for this one is BHST2 view A.  It has the same bra band as view B that I’ve made many times, but a two piece cup.  One of the things that I like about this pattern is that the band sits much lower that regular bands – great for open necklines or backs .  From an old bingle, I often get pain on the vertebrae that a standard band sits one.  So I tend to wear this bra style so the band doesn’t put pressure on it.

Merckwaerdigh BHST2

I manage to stuff up the flow of the flower pattern from the cup onto the band.  I think I used the inner cup piece, rather than the outer, to mark where the pattern needed to cross the underwire seam.  But the rest of the pattern matching was pretty good, especially on the cup seam.

Unlike the previous bra, I enjoyed working on this one.  Maybe it was the colour, or just the texture of the fabric.  But it was fun to work with and has a bit of class to it.  It didn’t quite pass the white shirt test but it’s good enough.  I’ve heard that red doesn’t show through so that may be the next project


inside – added powerbar


Meet ‘D2’  and ‘D5’ the treefrog

In other news, I was another one who stayed up to 2am to watch the blue blood super moon.  We had some high level cloud so my photo is a bit more atmospheric than others.  We were joined in our star-gazing by a couple of treefrogs who have taken up residence in drawer #2 and draw #5 ( hence the name D2 & D5) in the drawers outside the window.  They spent most of the evening doing their best ‘Foo’ impersonations – so cute!

blue blood supermoon



And as I write, one of the New Holland’s has just alerted me to the presence of this hungry fellow outside the window.  I’m much more comfortable when there is glass between me and it.

Eastern Brown Snake





11 thoughts on “‘White shirt’ bras – and stargazing treefrogs

    • With a LOT of respect. I’m pedantic about closing the sliding door fully and not leaving shoes outside for them to overnight in. The birds will often let me know if there is one around. We keep compression bandages in the first aid kit, and always carry a kit in our backpack when walking. Chances of being bitten are small but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

      It was actually quite interesting watching it hunt.


  1. I really like both bras, they look really pretty. I have heard red was invisible through white too so I’d be interested to hear if that is so when/if you make it. I would have stayed up too but after weeks/months of perfect weather cloud cover ruined it for us. That’s a dangerous garden visitor.


  2. Lovely bras. I’m with you that these basic ones are boring. These are beautiful though, especially the second one. With spring /summer coming I’ll have to make a few too. I did red ones and they definitely are good under white, as long as the garment is not too tight.


  3. These are gorgeous nude bras. I wear a lot of nude bras with my workout clothes and with daily light colored items. Where, if I may ask, do you find fabrics like these? I just haven’t been lucky to find things that I can use for nude bras. I think these bras will definitely earn their keep!


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