Oriental inspired bra

Unlike yesterday,  I’ve engage my brain today.  I’ve made up the second bra kit and this one has been quite successful.  The difference is probably down to my approach.  Yesterday, I took a design and tried to make it fit the fabrics.  Today,  I did it the other way around.  Here is the process.

A master bra pattern

The last few years I’ve been treating myself to a couple of bra kits and a lingerie pattern as a Christmas present to myself. Truth be told I’ve been a little slack in actually making them up. So this year, my Christmas present will be to actually make up the kits and try some new…

Embroidered owl and Giraffe stencil tees

Lately I’ve been thinking about making an Alabama Chanin style top.  The idea came to me as I wanted to make the asymmetric top in a recent Knipmode mag, but couldn’t find matching plain and print fabrics.  So it  would be a good excuse to make my own print or embellished fabrics.  I’ve always wanted…

Lekala 4695 : Lined anorak

The weather here is warming up and nudging above the 300C mark. It’s a bit late to be making a cool-weather jacket but when I saw this pattern released by Lekala (4695), I just couldn’t resist. Ordered and printed the evening it was available, and completed two days latter. Not bad going, but took two…

Weaving: Canasta scarf finished

What a difference a little colour makes! My initial sample for this scarf was really dull and lifeless so I’ve made a couple of changes. Where I had the white & grey stripes, I’ve added in space dyed yarn – a mixture of deep green with orange and lime highlights.